Random Facts about Sotogrande

26 May 23    Natalie Ramos

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Sotogrande was established in 1962 and was inspired by the pebble beach resort in California.

There are approximately 2584 residents in Sotogrande, but this reaches up to 12,500 in the

summer months.

Some of the wealthiest individuals of Spain and Gibraltar own properties in Sotogrande.

Sotogrande is the international capital for golf. The world famous Valderrama golf course is

located in Sotogrande and has hosted the Volvo Masters year on year.

The British newspaper: “The times” described Sotogrande as the “secret playground for the rich”.

Jospeh McMicking (the founder of Sotogrande) was looking to create an exclusive luxury resort

which later became Sotogrande as we know it. The criteria for the resort was that it should have a

limited amount of properties within a small stretch of land, strict architectural control and the

natural landscaping and its beauty should be respected.


Rio Guadalquivir (the 5th largest river in the Iberian Peninsula) reaches its end and opens into the Mediterranean Sea in between two of Sotogrande’s beaches.

Sotogrande has 27 hectares of natural area which have been designated as an Andalusian

Natural Park. This area usually hosts migratory birds on their route to and from Africa.

Sotogrande has views overlooking Gibraltar and Africa, these can be appreciated from many of the properties in the area.

The distance between Spain and Morocco is just 14.5km or 8 nautical miles.

The Sotogrande property market has proven to have remained extremely strong throughout the 2005 housing crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sotogrande has over 300 days of sunlight a year.

The SO Hotel in Sotogrande has been awarded the World Luxury Hotel Award and has been

recognised as the best Resort and Spa in Europe.

The Sotogrande International School has been recognised as one of the best schools in Spain and has a range of over 40 nationalities.

Every summer one of the most prestigious polo tournaments is hosted in Sotogrande. This

includes the Silver and Gold Cup Tournaments which bring together some of the most influential

figures of the Polo World, including Prince Abdul Mateen and Princess Azemah Ni’Matul Bolkiah

from Brunei.

In 2017, Spain’s previous King (King Juan Carlos) and Luis Alfonso de Borbon attended the

“Copa de Oro” Polo Tournament in the Santa Maria Polo Club. Infanta Elena was in charge of

handing over the price of the horse that performed best during the tournament.

Lionel Messi’s chain of restaurants and hotels acquired the Restaurant/ Hotel Midas located in

the Sotogrande Port.


Taio Cruz filmed parts of his music video: “Break Your Heart” in the Sotogrande Marina.

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