What extra-curricular activities can I involve my child in?

28 Mar 23    Natalie Ramos

What extra-curricular activities can I involve my child in? Image


Extracurricular activities are extremely important for the overall development of a child. A school

education can only aid them up to a certain point, but extracurricular activities play a significant role in

the character development of a child and allow them to develop a sense of identity and individualism. By enrolling your children in after school activities you will equip them with much better social skills, increased physical strength, improved cognitive thinking and an ability to work in a team. Today we will explore some of the options of activities that are available for children in and around Sotogrande.

Let’s begin with physical activities, of which there are many! Sotogrande is widely known for its golfing, if you are a golfer yourself and wish your child to also partake in the sport there is a huge variety of golf courses with top quality coaches to choose from. If your child prefers a more active sport, Danceworks offers a range of dance classes/ musical theatre suitable for children of all ages.

It has developed several successful individuals that enrolled from a young age and who were able to continue their passion by

becoming successful in the industry in their adulthood. Another way to develop incredible physical and mental strength is through self-defence classes. Self-defence is becoming an increasingly popular sport.

Cai Club in Algeciras offers Japonese Marshall art classes which teach children to develop the art of self- control, as well as ways to fend off an attacker. There is also a kickboxing club in Sotogrande that is proving popular and has classes available for kids from the age of three upwards.

If you are considering outdoor sports options, there are numerous padel/tennis clubs available, all of

which are longstanding and extremely popular with the locals. There is also a variety of water-based

activities. Tavvy’s Centro Nautico is based beside the Sotogrande river and provides you with the option

to kayak or paddle board through the famous Rio Guadalquivir, one of Spain’s largest rivers.

This is huge fun and a must try even if it’s a one off! All members of the family can participate and spend the day

floating along the river with their loved ones. La Reserva Beach Club also organises water sports camps.

Book yourself a sunbed and relax as your kids engage in a multitude of fun games such as stand-up

paddle board races, kayaking, kids’ yoga or arts and crafts. Another excellent option is JetBoard Limited

in the Sotogrande Marina. JetBoard Limited has a variety of motorized surfboards ranging from slow to

fast that can be used on the beaches of Sotogrande. They also offer paddle board rentals which can be

used out at sea. This is a sensational experience, and all members of the family can also partake. Horse

riding is a popular sport in Sotogrande. The Hipica and the Sotogrande Equestrian Club are both have

fantastic facilities that offer classes and the chance to learn all about dressage or partake in jumping

competitions. Both are appropriate for children of all ages. Another option for children of up to the ages of

18, is the San Roque Rugby Club. The San Roque Rugby Club is a great club that can help your child

strengthen their physical abilities as well as team building skills and play against some of the other teams

in the area.

If your child is ready to discover their creative abilities, the Sotogrande Music Academy is a wonderful

opportunity to start building on their already existing talent or to begin to learn about music. It has several

summer camps available such as piano camp, song writing camp, recording camp and voice camp.

There are plenty of options for music lessons in the area that can be further explored.

Allowing your child to build their personal interests will boost their self-esteem and confidence. It will aid

them to enhance their overall performance and provide them with a better expression of their thoughts


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