What should I eat today?

13 Mar 23    Natalie Ramos

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In Sotogrande, there is a huge gastronomic variety that can be found locally. From traditional Spanish cuisine to Oriental cuisine, you will not find yourself short of options in the area.

Today, we will help you resolve one of the questions affluent human beings struggle with on a daily basis: What do I want to eat today?

Let us commence with a bit of tradition... Spanish tapas! The most frequently visited tapas bars and restaurants are situated in Torreguadiaro.Pura Tapa and Inboca, are among some of the more popular tapas restaurants in the area. Serving traditional Spanish tapas with a hint of fusion, these affordable and delicious restaurants are the ideal place to enjoy a light but tasty lunch. Just a short distance away, there is a tapas bar called La Verandah that serves some generously sized gourmet styled dishes of excellent quality. You can also visit Sindikato which sits above La Verandah and has a variety of tapas and wonderful cocktails. Another restaurant in the same vicinity which comes highly recommended by the locals is called El Trasmallo de Agustin. Not only do they serve some spectacular traditional tapas but it is mainly known for its fish.This is an ideal place to share various rations of the freshly caught fish – whether it is fried or grilled, with your loved ones. In the Sotogrande Port, there is a wide range of restaurants to pick from. The Ke bar is one of the most favoured in the area.

It has an extensive menu whereby you can choose between a meat or fish dish, tapas, extraordinary baguettes, and it even has its own Japanese inspired menu. Surrounded by a large sunlit porch and a front-line view of the marina this place is worth experiencing. Another restaurant that is also situated adjacent to the marina is Midas Hotel and Restaurant, which was recently acquired by the famous footballer Lionel Messi’s chain of restaurants and hotels. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place to spend the afternoon, we would highly recommend a visit to the Hairy Lemon. The Hairy Lemon has a fantastic atmosphere and offers a variety of tapas and dishes, as well as an excellentSunday Roast and a succulent Lamb Shank.

If you are in the mood for an Italian, La Pala and Portobella both serve traditional Italian dishes with fresh ingredients and are of an excellent standard.If you head towards the Sotogrande Marina, there is a selection of modern style restaurants that offer numerous dishes of different origins. Among these you will find the restaurants: Foodisiac and Don Diego. These places have taken into consideration every detail of each dish, from the combination of flavours to the presentation, and are becoming more popular in the photos uploaded by the ‘Instagramers’ of modern society. Here, you will also find restaurant Casabon that serves a variety of small dishes all of which are delicious. One of the longstanding restaurants in the area is called Mytilus, which is a Belgium style restaurant with great meats and plenty of other options to choose from.

For those who are into their Asian food, there are also a number of restaurants of different origin, whose flavours will take you on an authentic journey to the roots of their existence. If you are a sushi lover, we recommend that you visit the Takao restaurant located in Pueblo Nuevo.It has a wide range of sushi options to try from, all of which are terrific. Brosko Restaurant is one of the newer restaurants in the area which also serves sushi and other Japonese delicatessens. The restaurant has become extremely popular and the general reviews are excellent. The restaurant Moncayo is one of the oldest in the area and also has an assortment of exquisite sushi and a high-end Japanese menu. As for Indian food, you should definitely try the restaurant called Korma. It has a tremendous assortment of flavours, textures, and aromas. For those who are fans of Thai food there is a great restaurant called Thai Finca Fusion just outside Sotogrande which has become extremely reputable and respected for its dishes.

For the meat lovers, it is mandatory to visit the Cancha II restaurant! Cancha II is an Argentine grill with some incredible cuts of meat, cooked and salted to perfection. There are also other places that offer Argentine style meat and dishes mainly in the form of a tapa. These are called El Patio and La Reunion and are also located in Pueblo Nuevo. You cannot miss out on these! If you want to keep discovering the other meat restaurants in the area you must also visit La Cabana and El Gaucho. Both of these have been around for many years and are popular among the locals.

In terms of Italian restaurants that can be found locally, Lombardos is one of the long-standing restaurants of the area, offering you the traditional Italian dining experience. Just a short ten-minute drive away is a restaurant called Bucintoro. Bucintoro is an absolutely divine Italian restaurant where you will find yourself working your way through the menu, without feeling disappointed that you didn’t pick your usual.

If you head back towards Pueblo Nuevo there is another Italian restaurant called Osteria de Borgo which has some of the best pizzas in the area and limitless options to choose from.

To summarise, all the above-mentioned places and the many more that you will find in the area will ensure that perfect, fine dining experience. Most of these restaurants also offer options beyond the ones they specialize in and also has vegan, vegetarian and alternatives for individuals with food allergies all of which are cooked with tender love and care. Do not hesitate to try them!

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